increased revenue by
Mark Anderson
CEO of «NDK-detailing» LLC
Car wash, service station
* efficiency of the system depends on the individual characteristics of business

Our program for car service and car wash allows:

  • Eliminate theft
  • To reduce cost of excess staff
  • To increase average sales receipt
  • To raise reputation of the enterprise and leave competitors behind
Computer Appliance Core12
* Optional equipment

Reliable and protected from crashes when operates without electricity. Stable functioning without Internet can be maintained during 30 days with full synchronization of your information.
Personal Cabinet

Accessible from any device and it allows getting information by secure channel from around the world. With shared security authorization centre.
Administrator’s tablet

Automatically informs about vehicle arrival and simplifies interaction with clients. Vehicle registration takes 15 seconds of operating time.
* Optional equipment

Dust and water – proof with defogging system and optimum viewing angle. Rich and clear image is transferred to the server.
Cash operating unit
* Optional equipment

Block with extended capabilities of “acquiring” activation, receipt printer and other equipment connection. In compact dustproof body.
Cashier’s tablet

With comfortable interface it automatically controls operations. Increases greatly the speed of customer service and minimizes human mistakes.
With Core12 You Can
Increase revenue
Reduce costs
Get more clients
Control easily all your business process
Automate accounting and business
Improve the service and performance of the staff
Effective Business Management

Easy control with automatic registration at every step

Smart equipment is put at your disposal. It will automate and simplify your work with the Client at every step from the time of car arrival until the time of its leaving:

  • Car accounting;
  • Identification of vehicle registration plate;
  • Time registration of car arrival and its leaving;
  • Identification of re-arrival and member of the bonus program;
  • Notification of the staff about the vehicle.

Efficient service delivery without loss of quality

There is a separate management console in the tablet to increase effectiveness and the level of convenience. This complex significantly simplifies and speeds up the process of service delivery to a client:

  • Services price-list;
  • Shop and cafe price-list;
  • Customer data sheet;
  • Making comments;
  • Appointment of executives.

System automatically calculates the order value taking into account included discounts and data validation. After that check printing takes place.


Management at the right time from around the world

Rich functionality and at the same time easy-to-use interface of the owner’s personal cabinet makes control simple and pleasant. While a unique system of due notice saves valuable time:

  • Instant notification about opportunity cost and suspicious situation;
  • Coordination the work of the staff;
  • Customer base with attendance history;
  • Financial and sales management;
  • A list of contractors and special price-lists;
  • Online surveillance and video archive;
  • Comfortable and detailed accounting.

Recognition from clients and improved service

Success of a car wash, car service and tyre fitting primarily depends on service and client’s satisfaction. Core 12 technologies perform unique functions that will help to provide high level service to your guest and to make the time spent by the customer memorable:

  • Identification;
  • Personal online supervision;
  • Special offers and loyalty program;
  • Mass text messaging and informing;
  • Feedback and reviews;
  • Interaction through social networks;
  • Electronic check.

It’s easier to take right decisions with Core12 technologies

System’s design and adaptive technology of analytics allows you to use this complex for your goals and desires leading to right marketing and management decisions:

  • Cloud server;
  • Detailed statistics;
  • Import of data;
  • Integration with external products;
  • Report making;
  • Automatic information distribution to contractors;
  • Access rights differentiation.
Core12 in Action
Necessary control and management instruments help the owner to create strong business.
Personal administrator’s panel increases the speed of service and efficiency of your enterprise.
Special service makes your Client satisfied and prompts him to talk about you and come to you again.
Core12 Technology
Reliable guarantee
We use only tested and certified equipment and provide guarantees to our clients up to 5 years
Data security
Encrypted data line and security authorization center with access for the client only reliably protect personal data
Strict confidentiality
Confidential information and trade secret protection. No information received from clients and partners can be disclosed
Quick response 24/7
Every inquiry is instantly processed and in case of problems the service group fixes them on the same day
Comfortable conditions
Personal manager provides you with the necessary information and professionally tackles any problem within a short period of time
Continuous development
We constantly develop our technologies and improve the process quality, meeting requirements and desires of our clients
Our Reliable Partners